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Life is simple, it really is. It's simple to live the way you like, to move to another country, to help people, to be happy…Join me and be a part of my life and projects through Morocco :-)

Me, Nadine

Yes, its time for a blog...I know šŸ™‚

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Your personal Essaouira free tour- Let me show you this beautiful placeĀ 

Let me show you Essaouira on your personal, private walking tour without paying a high reservation fee šŸ™‚ I'm German, 32 years old and live in Morocco about some years now, working from here as a Journalist and would love... Continue Reading →

Cats need help also-My help project in Essaouira

Everywhere here in the Medina of Essaouira you will find them, see them sleeping, playing or fighting somewhere next to you. The little cat souls of Essaouira. In every color, old, young and tiny ones... Mothers carrying their babies around... Continue Reading →

Imagine your life would be different…Ā 

Imagine... Imagine you are poor.Not this poor that you can't afford going out this weekend or to get a new pair of jeans. I mean really poor. Poor that you can not pay your rent and any other costs of... Continue Reading →

The thing with being gentle….

We learn from our early childhood on good manners, respect and to be gentle. Our parents, grandparents, teachers and maybe older siblings teach us how to eat with a spoon, fork and knife, to not slurp, burp, gobble and to... Continue Reading →

Childhood here and there…

My younger brother and I grew up with 2 cats, a little white dog with long hair, 5 to 6 sheeps, huge rabbits and a chicken family  in our garden. Between corn fields and right next to a big forest,... Continue Reading →

Clouds over my paradise….Ā 

Escaping the German system, the way how things have to or let's say should be, the 8-10 hour job 5-6 days a week, the horrible and ice cold isolation and moving to this beautiful country Morocco is the best decision... Continue Reading →

Between the ocean and meĀ 

The last 2 months of living in Marrakech's Medina for about 2 years my mind was totally stressed and my personality changed into being very negative, judgemental, unhappy and angry... There was nothing what could make me happy again, not... Continue Reading →

What do we live for ?Ā 

Last and even at the beginning of this year I had to deal with the loss of loved ones like family members, friends or even people I just knew, people I might even never really recognized or spoke to for... Continue Reading →

Project Atlas MountainsĀ 

  I believe to help others is and should always be a normal thing, an act we don't need to waste a second of thinking about... People always believe that they can not help because themselves have not enough, but... Continue Reading →

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