Simple as life

Life is simple, it really is. It's simple to live the way you like, to move to another country, to help people, to be happy…Join me and be a part of my life and projects through Morocco :-)

Just a part is not enough… 

A good friend of mine recently ended an on-again off-again relationship. You know what I'm talking about.. months or years of breaking up and getting back together, only to break up again and repeat the cycle. She swore that this... Continue Reading →

What I had to realize again today: I went on another walk this morning, to the beach but this time on the other side of the city... It was beautiful as always and when I climbed up the dunes to... Continue Reading →

Simple is more….

My 3 months in Germany and Europe in general tought me one shocking and very sad fact: There’s a part of today’s consumerist world that drives people to want more, buy more, hoard, spend to solve their problems, create comfort... Continue Reading →

Me, Nadine

Yes, its time for a blog...I know 🙂

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