Sooo…Looks like this is the formal part, the part where I need to talk about myself and why I do this.. Better said: Why do I live far away from home, in an Islamic country and why do I do what I do 🙂

(First let me apologize for my English grammar mistakes, I’m really trying my best to avoid them whats not easy at all 🙂 )

Well, my family and friends call me Nadine, by now I’m already 31 years old, a native German from the north west of good old Germany and I live since many years abroad. Right now about 3 years in Morocco, first in Marrakesh and now in this paradise on earth on the sea site, calls Essaouira….

Yes, good question : What brought me to live abroad and how do I make money?

My family used to travel every year about 2 to 3 times to different parts of the world and I always loved it, cried rivers when I had to go back home….

When I turned 18 I started to leave on my own, Alanya in Turkey was the first country where I lived, where I made my first real exotic contact with a world far away from home.

A world with total different views of life, culture and religion next to wild beach parties, alcohol, facing angel and evil and first true friendships. .. There in Turkey I finished my international studies in Translation ( Turkish and Kurdish) and got my first real abroad job  with the military and headed to Afghanistan and Iraq. ( Yes, call me crazy, I think I kinda was)

Today I’m an international Translator and Journalist, writing about Terrorism, different religions and believes… I still travel a lot to different countries and work on different projects.

I call Morocco my base of freedom and balance, the place where I can be myself, where I can do what I like, live how I want, where I can enjoy life, where nobody judge me and where people are still humans….I do live here since some years now. First in Marrakesh about 2 years and there I explored the real life with the locals, work and all ups and downs you can imagine of, saw all the negative and also positive sites of the culture. It taught me a lot and changed my life in better ways, simple ways, ways of understanding how I can live easier, in peace and happiness with myself and of course with others. Marrakesh taught me that I dont need a lot to be happy, that a life without lots of material things is easier to live and also the meaning of real and fake friendships, brought me friends for life and also enemies….I met lots of people from everywhere in the world and started a help organization to support the poor families in the mountains. Marrakesh made me more greatful and my life simple.

Now I live in Essaouira, in my opinion the paradise of Morocco…A beautiful little town on the sea side with lots of spirit and freedom, happy people and animals. Im working here on different projects with locals, write about amazing personalities and enjoy my life with great friends on my site, easy and simple…

Please feel free to contact me at any time and if you ever plan to come to Morocco than please come and visit me here. Feel free and stay at my place, be a part of my projects and enjoy the city.