Let me show you Essaouira on your personal, private walking tour without paying a high reservation fee 🙂

I’m German, 32 years old and live in Morocco about some years now, working from here as a Journalist and would love to show you my beautiful city. Enjoy your own personal Essaouira free tour with me and learn more about the history, art, music, the pirates, Jimmy Hendrix and Hippie time, the life of the jews, have a beautiful walk through the Medina or on the beach, do some shopping to local prizes together, buy some fresh fish at the port, visit the souks and handicraft factories, explore bars and restaurants by night, relax at the local hamam, cook your own Tajine, spend an easy day on the country site and enjoy a great Moroccan meal ….Lots of different tours for everyone 🙂

My tours are available 7 days a week, in English or German and times can be flexible arranged. Please choose one of my different Tours and contact me on my blog here or send me an email: simpleaslife@gmail.com

Tours are totally free of charge and only based on tips if you enjoyed and liked your Tour. How much is your free decision – Easy, free and without any pressure 🙂

Essaouira free history Tour

Always wanted to know about the local  history, the pirates and hippies, the architecture, the life of the Jews and the fisher man, the religion, tradition and culture of Essaouira? Join my walking Tour through the Medina, have a cup of tea or fresh coffee, lunch or dinner together and learn more about it!

3 to 4 hours, mornings or afternoons.

Essaouira free handicraft Tour

Join my fascinating insider free Tour of Essaouira’s craft people at work. Visit the leather factory outside of the city walls, watch the hard work of making brilliantly-colored furniture and don’t neglect this chance to see the other people at work on silver, paintings, jewellery, vehicles, bycicles, wood, carpets, textils and metal…. Of course all this next to tea, lunch or dinner in a local and amazing Moroccan atmosphere 🙂

2 to 3 hours, mornings or afternoons.

Essaouira and the hippies Tour

What is it about with those hippies and Jimmy Hendrix in Essaouira? Where is his famous sand castle and what is the whole story about it? Enjoy a beautiful walk along the beach, through the olive forests and visit the castle, enjoy your tea, lunch or dinner with me 🙂

2 to 3 hours, mornings or afternoons. 

Essaouira free souk Tour and cooking class

Want to cook your own Tajine??? Choose your favorite one, let’s get all your ingredients together at our local souk and the bakery, prepare it at my place  and enjoy it next to fresh bread, salad, dessert and drinks….

Every day available, 3 to 5 hours….
Essaouira free shopping Tour

You love all these beautiful little stores around? Want to buy stuff and presents, maybe some local spices but don’t know where and for how much ? Tired of arguing about prices and scared of getting ripped of? Let’s go shopping together and I will help you to get your souvenirs to local prices next to tea, lunch or dinner 🙂

3 to 4 hours, mornings or afternoons.

Essaouira by night Tour

Let me show you where you can find the best place to have dinner and a drink next to live music and a great atmosphere. We will have a great walk through the Medina and will visit some beautiful places only locals and people who live here know about!

3 to 4 hours, start around 19:00 or 20:00

Essaouira free food Tour

Taste the best of Essaouira and join my free food tour through the city! Always Tajine and Couscous?! Noooo- Get your daytime or evening food tour through the Medina and the neighborhoods that locals have been eating in for centuries… We will visit the greatest and best places for appetizer, main dish, dessert and sweets, from super local to very fancy 🙂

Available every day at 12 or 19:00, 3-4 hours….

Essaouira free ladies Hamam tour

Come with me to one of the oldest, traditional local Hamams in Essaouira, unplug and enjoy a fascinating beauty day…
The visit is about 3 or 4 hours, if you like a massage or scrub it’s of course possible ( extra charge but very cheap). 

In the mornings or afternoons available, 2 to 3 hours.

Essaouira fish tour

Always wanted to know more about the port, it’s history and the fisher man? Join my private Tour about 2 hours, let’s buy some fresh fish and enjoy it with delicious bread and super tasty Moroccan salad 🙂

About 2 to 3 hours, in the mornings and afternoons available. 

Free detox your mind beach walk

Detox your mind on a long beach walk with me… We will pass high dunes, little fisher houses, olive and palm tree forests and cliffs…We will have a beautiful picnic on our way and the greatest thing about it is: There is nobody expect us… A beautiful way to relax and enjoy your holiday…

The Tour is every day available, starts at 9 or 10 in the morning…