Everywhere here in the Medina of Essaouira you will find them, see them sleeping, playing or fighting somewhere next to you. The little cat souls of Essaouira. In every color, old, young and tiny ones… Mothers carrying their babies around to find a place where they can protect them and the others sleeping in flower pots, on carpets or motor bikes…I see them every day on my walks through the streets, tons of them… Some are happy to meet me and begging for a cuddle and some are shy, feared or just to old and sick… 

I grew up with 2 beautiful, big Persian cats at home. Not the Persians you know about which are not allowed to go out because their owners are to scared that their fur can be destroyed… No, no… Our ones were big warriors, a grey and a red one, went for night hunts in the woods and slept all day exhausted from their adventures… Cats are simple said a part of my life… 

All of us who have a cat at home know how it is, how beautiful and in the same time nerve-racking to have them around. This little slave drivers with their big, fascinating eyes and this innocent meows when they want us to pet or feed them just to turn around and ignore us in the next second. 

When we feel down they show up with rubbing our feets, while we sleep they sneak into our warm beds and steel our seats and even food…Little, innocent kittens destroy our shoes, wallpapers and anything else they can get…  (Let’s not talk about the hairs all of them loose which stick on our clothes and pillow cases) … But in the end we still love them for the way they are, quiet and kinda magical… So we should help them when they are in need, right ? 

Essaouira has, as I mentioned, tons of street cats everywhere. The locals trying their best to help them with feeding fish and give them water out of little plastic containers or cut little pieces out of water bottles but since Moroccans are also poor they can’t pay for medicine or other necessary things to keep the cats in good health. 

I started already to collect fish rests from the harbour and feed them in little districts where they live, bought medicine for some cats with cat flu or runny noses, adopted kittens and found them a new, safe home and would love to create another cat farm outside of the Medina where it’s easy to care about the ones in need and mothers with their babies. Another plan I have is to find new “slaves” worldwide who are willed to give them a new home.

Shots,medicine, transportation boxes for flights, necessary papers, the new website, finding and building up a beautiful but simple cat farm and lots of other things costs a lot. If not than I could do it all by myself which is actually impossible and it would make me more than happy if I could raise up some funds to make this plans happen. If you don’t have enough you can might share it with friends, family and on your social media. And of course, help from volunteers and visitors are of course always more than welcomed and can stay at my place, any time. 

This is my actual gofundme link: 


Thanks a million :-)))