I believe to help others is and should always be a normal thing, an act we don’t need to waste a second of thinking about… People always believe that they can not help because themselves have not enough, but you actually do, probably more than some people out there. I’m pretty sure that you have clean and running water, electric, clothes for every season of the year, a bed and a shower… Many don’t have that…

Everyone can help, no matter if you have money or not. Your race, skin color, religion or the place you live at doesn’t play a big role 🙂

You can help by collecting clothes, toys, animal food, by joining trips, get people together on social media or in person and if you like to with a small donation to help us planing trips, to pay the transportation of donations from Europe to here, to buy materials, medicine, school supplies and more necessary things. You actually don’t need a lot to help others in need….

Last year me and a great team of Moroccans and Europeans went up to the Atlas mountains with 6 tons of warm winter clothes for adults and kids which came long ways from Holland, Germany, Belgium, the states and cities here in Morocco. Everybody always believes that Morocco is all year super hot 🙂 It’s actually not… It snows a lot in the mountains and the temperature sinks down to minus degrees… Horrible if you don’t have enough money for food blankets and clothes. It took us 3 months to get the trip together, to search for good transportation contacts, donations and mules. It was one amazing experience the day we finally arrived up in 2000 meters to bring what we had and to see the happy faces of the families. Priceless 🙏🏻

Right now I’m planing more projects in Morocco. For example feeding the street animals, clothes, food and medical help for the homeless and people in need, if possible helping by building a small school or orphanages where you can’t find access to education. The projects are planed to be everywhere, from the sea through the mountains and to the Sahara….

Please let me know if you would like to help here or from Europe with collecting and sending us things or with little donations.

I have very good transportation contacts in Europe which can send stuff very cheap over here 🙂

I will keep you updated with more details of new projects and please feel free to contact me for more information and come to visit !!!