What I had to realize again today:
I went on another walk this morning, to the beach but this time on the other side of the city… It was beautiful as always and when I climbed up the dunes to see what is behind them I was very surprised, almost speechless…( Who knows me very well knows it’s almost impossible in my case 😜)

Well I ended up in the slums of the city, around 4 k’s away from the tourists and the rest.

There I met hard working people, like you and me, very old or even still kids, teenagers… They work 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, driving people around with horse carriages, catching fish, making furniture, watching sheeps and goats of others, selling used things, trash and food for maybe just 5 euros a day, (if they are very lucky… ) Little kids playing in trash fields and older men just sitting around, drinking tea and waiting for the better….I almost felt ashamed to show up there with my clean, European clothes and that’s why I didn’t take to many pictures of them, I didn’t want them to feel embarrassed or that I treat them disrespectful.

But if I look at my life: I catch myself many times complaining about stupid little things even though I have enough food, clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities in my life like a chance to work and a bank account.

I could even make it to fly all the way over here. I also have loved ones, people who care about me. I am totally comfortable, without any desperate needs. All I need, I already have….

But still, many people I know don’t see life this way sometimes… We feel dissatisfied, looking for more comfort, more love, more knowledge, more certainty, more possessions, more food, more entertainment, more validation. We all do this and I’m not criticizing anyone. We don’t often embody the idea that we already have enough.
I think we shouldn’t take all what we have for granted and should actually appreciate it more… We should be very happy and greatful about where we were born, the education we got, the liberty we grew up in and even about our passports….
There are people out there who have it worse…