My 3 months in Germany and Europe in general tought me one shocking and very sad fact:
There’s a part of today’s consumerist world that drives people to want more, buy more, hoard, spend to solve their problems, create comfort through shopping instead of taking care of their social life. They are alone, isolated, frustrated and unhappy, always seeking attention through showing off with what they have….
I was thinking about what would happen if they would break from their addiction to wanting and buying more?
What would life be for them like if they didn’t need all that?
Morocco taught me that there is a life where I can enjoy simple, free pleasures like going for a walk in the nature, reading, writing with a free mind, not worrying about what others think, wearing what I want and having my hair freshed washed or not – Nobody cares.
By buying less we’d have less debt, less clutter, less to take care of. By worrying less we don’t feel disturbed at all.
I need a smaller house, less storage. I even work less because I don’t need a lot, just enough to pay my rent, to buy food, to go out with friends and enjoy the real life.
Less is more. Always. Period.